American Vampire’s Scott Snyder tells us about his upcoming CSI-heavy Batman tales


At NYCC, we spoke with comic scribe Scott Snyder about his forensically inclined run on Detective Comics. Snyder told us his plans to put Dick Grayson through the psychological wringer and what’s next for the bloodsuckers of American Vampire.

First off, tell us about what you’re doing with Detective Comics.

Well, what we’re trying to do is play with the concept that Gotham is a “dark mirror” for those who takes on the mantle of the Bat. Dick Grayson’s been Batman for a year — essentially what the series is about is how Gotham will throw Batman’s worst nightmares at him. Bruce’s villains were all an extension of his psychology, being a twisted mirror of the duality of his life. What kind of monsters is Gotham going to throw at Dick Grayson? The series is called “The Black Mirror,” and it’s about Batman solving crimes in Gotham with high-tech CSI.

Are we going to see throwback villains to his Nightwing or Teen Titans days?

We thought about it. But we thought, “This is really about him as Batman.” We wanted to create new villains that are organic to him as Batman. We wanted to challenge him on that level, rather than bring back Deathstroke or Tarantula.


I make no secret of being a huge Dick Grayson fan – I never really got on board with him being the Bat, though. But – this sounds really fascinating.

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