Jeff Lemire On Why Superheroes and Boys with Antlers are Equally Great PW Comics Week spoke with Lemire recently about his accolades, the change from his creator-owned characters to DC superheroes and Sweet Tooth Volume Two, in stores now.

PW Comics Week: Essex County has been named in the Top 5 Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade by Canada Reads, which is a big deal because graphic novels are not normally included. What has that been like for you?

Jeff Lemire: It’s been really exciting, I think it’s a big step. It’s a big sign that comics or graphic novels are finally being recognized by more mainstream audiences, and having the same potential as literature and prose novels and things like that. It’s very flattering and it’s been a great honor and really exciting.

Favorite Female Comic Creators Of 2010 This year, the first in which I’ve done a full year of writing about comics for CSBG, I thought hard about what I’d loved and hated over the year, particularly in regard to the issue of “women in comics”.


Significant comics work of 2010: Blackest Night Wonder Woman Mini-Series, Wonder Woman, and Teen Titans

Why I’m loving her work right now: Scott has a wonderful style that both fits the “acceptable mainstream” we see in most big two comics, but is simultaneously much more understanding and sensitive to the appearance of the characters she renders – and most especially the women, and I appreciate the hell out of it.

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‘Twilight’ screenwriter sets Marvel adaptation for TV Rosenberg is the writer and exec producer on “AKA Jessica Jones,” which is in development for fall 2011 at ABC. Although ABC is also in the early stages of an “Incredible Hulk” redux, the deal for “AKA Jessica Jones” is close enough (though not yet fully signed) that it will likely be Marvel Television’s first official project for the Alphabet net.

“AKA Jessica Jones” definitely fits that bill. Part of Marvel’s Max line of more mature comicbook titles, the character is a superhero (“Jewel”) who winds up with post-traumatic stress disorder and gets out of that biz.

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I really enjoyed seeing Smallville all these years and for a short while Birds of Prey. The animated series of both Marvel and DC were good too. So now having some girl power on TV would be good since Smallville is ending and that spot needs to be filled. Marvel has great female characters and it would be interesting to see Jessica Jones, not just because of Melissa, but because of the love for comics that the fans have. I’ve heard some talk about their interest for Dexter, why not have her write about comics? 😉

What did you think of the female comic creators? Which comic has been your favorite? What did you think of Jessica Jones? Do you want more comic adaptation on TV? What do you think of the Superheroes?