This week Batman and Robin duel it out in Batman and Robin #11, published by DC Comics.

The Dynamic Duo fight it out in the ultimate duel to the finish. Meanwhile, Robin’s mother, Talia al Ghul, sends an old adversary of Dick Grayson’s to complete the job that her son may not be able to stomach.

If your late to the series…Batman & Robin #10 kicked off the showdown between Batman and Robin.The dynamic duo show up at Wayne Manor in the hopes of deciphering clues left behind by Bruce. For years, portraits of the Family Wayne have hung around the mansion, but it’s only when they are all in the right order, does a cryptic riddle appear – some of the oldest portraits look an awful lot like Bruce, and following the clues they uncover a secret Batcave that no one has ever seen before.


Why would Talia al Ghul manipulate her son Damian into taking action against Batman? Will Damian do as Mother says, or stay loyal to Dick Grayson? Plus, more on the Domino Killer, Oberon Sexton, and the menace of El Penitente’s drug cartel!

Have you been following the Batman/Robin story? Tell us your thoughts? What comics will you be picking up this week?