Zombie fans get ready, a new graphic novel is out and ready to tantalize you in this release from Arcana Studios titled ‘Zombie Warriors‘ by Robert Kruckemeyer.

Synopsis: U.S. Special Forces Bio/Chemical weapons expert Horatio Danglar was left behind in Iraq in 1991 and presumed dead. Bent on revenge against his team leader and best friend Duke Bridges, Danglar captures Duke’s twins Zach and Carmen, and their friends Kingston de Luca and Courtney Hamilton and administers drugs to them that he developed while in captivity. The drugs give the teens super strength and high pain tolerance but do they also make them obey Danglar?

Join the teens and the U.S. Special Forces as they hunt down Danglar to stop his terroristic activities against the United States and try to obtain the antidote that will return them to normal.

If you can’t find it at your local comic book store, you can download the PDF for Zombie Warriors here for only $4.95.