This week’s Comic Book/Graphic novel Highlight we bring you Arcana Comics ‘Unimaginable’ by Tom Pinchuk and Kurt Belcher.

SYNOPSIS: Appointed ‘Problem Solver’ in a nightmarish city of monsters, the lost amnesiac Stump must pit street smarts against baffling dream logic to solve some outrageously bizarre ‘problems.’ But this smart ass may face a problem even she can’t solve in the Unimaginable – creatures too terrible for anyone to even imagine.

In an interview Arcana Comics had with Tom Pinchuk, he states how he came up with the idea for the story: “I wrote an awful short story about werewolf cops in a city of monsters in 7th grade English class, and while I ditched 99% of the story, the kernel of the idea stuck with me and mutated over the years to include dreams and experiences I’ve had since. (Like this one pretty dramatic “confrontation” I had with a haunted wax museum that scared me as a kid.)”.

How he came up with the idea proves you never know where you gain inspiration. Are you a fan of Arcana Comics?