Comeback Cowboy

Rocky Mountain Riders, Book #2

By Sara Richardson

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ISBN: 9781455540778

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As a single mother, Naomi Sullivan is used to doing things on her own. She’s finally saved enough from working at the Cortez Ranch to buy a lovely home for her and her little girl. Life is going as planned. But when her high school sweetheart comes riding back to town, this self-sufficient woman feels something she hasn’t felt in years: red-hot, unbridled need for the handsome cowboy who left her behind.

Lucas Cortez doesn’t plan on being in town long. Yet when he sees Naomi again-the gorgeous girl he never stopped loving-he’s tempted to hang up his hat and stay awhile. He’s already charmed his way into her daughter’s heart, but he’ll need more than sweet talk and roses to convince Naomi to give them a second chance-especially when she’s hiding a secret that could change their lives forever.


I have found my new favorite cowboys, the Cortez, in Sara Richardson’s Comeback Cowboy. This book was not what I was expecting. One, it was more difficult for  Lucas and Naomi to accept each other into their lives after being apart for so long. Two, Naomi’s hidden card regarding her daughter’s biological father. Three, things building up for what I expect to be Levi’s redemption story coming up in the next book. And, four, the girls in the book club are just the kind of girls I need in my life.

“Hot Damn!” Darla popped out of her chair. “What’re we waiting for? Field trip! Not that discussing historical thrillers isn’t interesting,” she quickly added. “But I do love the sight of a man in uniform.” And she also loved teasing poor Dev about how much she loved the sight of a man in uniform.

Comeback Cowboys has a really good story within its characters. Naomi isn’t your typical damsel in distress, she is a fierce young woman who will do anything to provide for her daughter and at the same time pursue her dreams. She doesn’t run away from danger demonstrating to Lucas that she isn’t afraid of the town’s gossip or those who threaten her to get to him. And when it comes to love, she sets the rules because she is not letting 10 years pass by again.

Lucas has a more difficult time coping with the idea that he can start all over again with Naomi without hurting her and her daughter. I hadn’t seen a male character so distress in a while. Lucas showed the readers his vulnerable side a couple of times during the book, but at the end, and after a lot of effort from him and his loved ones he was able to get Naomi back.

Comeback Cowboy involved a lot of teamwork from its characters throughout the story proving unity among them, delivering some memorable scenes. The ending could have not been better. I can only say little because you have to read it, but it was great. I really look forward reading what happens in the next book. Meanwhile, I recommend you read Comeback Cowboy for a refreshing and quick pace story.

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