Summit Entertainment knows their audience. They really only need to release Twilight movies every year in order to make all their money, but when it comes to the other release on their slate, they want to share the Twilight magic. So before Bandslam, the new Vanessa Hudgens movie about music there will be the first-ever trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the next episode in werewolves and vampires taking off their shirts for screaming fans.

Even better, is reporting that a 10-second teaser for the trailer will be “airing nationwide” starting on Wednesday. Will it be one of those annoying ET teases?Or will it just hit the Internet, as the logical explanation would have it? Either way, be ready with earplugs, because the screams that haunted us in Hall H at Comic Con will be coming to find you as well.


Ok I’m not a fan of Vanessa but I am of Aly so I wouldn’t mind going to see this movie and of course I will see it because of the trailer!! Squee! I can’t wait. Oh and might I just add I can’t stand the short little Entertainment Tonight clips.

Are you going to see Band Slam just because of the trailer? Or are you a fan of one of the actors in the movie? What do you want to be in the trailer?