For many of its actors, the Twilight series has become a meal ticket– no one had heard of Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet etc. before they got cast as vampires and werewolves. But apparently Rachelle Lefevre will be paying the bills from elsewhere. The actress playing evil vampire Victoria in the first two films will be moving on to other projects, and Bryce Dallas Howard will be taking her place.

The casting seems like a strange move for the Twilight franchise, which has hired a bunch of minor actors and signed them into four-movie projects for presumably no money. Howard, though not as big a name as she was back in the Village days, is fairly well-known in her own right.

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Ack, I am a little upser by this news. I really like Rachelle Lefevre. I am disappointed to see her leave the Twilight Saga.

Do you think Bryce Dallas Howard will make a good Victoria? Can you think of a better actress for the part? If so, who?