By Staff Member Rose

Christopher Moore does not pen the typical vampire story. His characters are comical and fun as they are dark and intriguing.

Perusing the local bookstore a year or so ago, I happened upon “You Suck” and was drawn to the open mouth, fang happy mouth graphic on the cover and the title, of course, which caused me to smile. I opened the book to skim its pages, as I usually do when book buying, to get a feel for the writing style. I approved and added the book to my library collection. I truly enjoyed ‘You Suck’ and then I realized…”Bloodsucking Fiends” came before it. How could I have missed that?

So now I had to get the first title. I was annoyed with myself that I had to read the story out of sequence, but I was quite surprised. Having read the second book first, it only enhanced my understanding of the characters and plot situations when reading the first book and I didn’t feel as if I was backpeddling at all.  Moore’s books are so well written, it didn’t make a difference. Needless to say I immediately became a Christopher Moore fan and have been anxiously awaiting the third in the series titled “Bite Me”.

The time has finally come. The book is set to be released March 23, 2010.


Abigail Von Normal, nonperky, mysterious teen queen of the San Francisco night scene and backup mistress of Tommy, the unintentional Vampire is back to lead you through the 3rd book in the San Francisco Vampire trilogy. Learn what happens to Tommy, Jody, the Vampire Flood, Chet the Enormous Cat, The Smurfette, the Animals, and all your other favorites!

Chapters one and two are available to read online here.

Want to learn more about Christopher Moore? He is showcased in our ‘Author Profile’ section on the OBS forum here.

If you want to dive into a world of vampire hilarity and be thoroughly entertained I highly recommend Moore’s series.

“Bite Me” can be pre-ordered at Amazon.