Title: Christmas Miracle in July

Series: Christmas Miracle, Book 1

By:   R.M. Gauthier

ISBN:     1542424682 (ISBN13: 9781542424684)

Author’s Website:

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Charlotte Rose runs a Christmas Store in Christmas town with her father. For years, she has enjoyed the town and all it offers. Her hopes and dreams have always revolved around the town and store, until a certain man materializes and turns everything upside down.

Arriving in Christmas Town, on assignment, Jack refuses to fall under the magic of the Christmas theme, using his dislike of the holiday season to shield him from its spell.


The story begins with a discourse of disdain from Jack (a private investigator) about the assignment he has been handed. He must go to the Christmas Town Store in Christmas Town…and Jack is definitely not a fan of Christmas. He has been sent to town to ???…hard to say since Jack takes WAY too many pages to actually get to why he is in town.  We know he is on a job for Mr. Edwards. So instead of getting to the point of why he is in town, Jack invites Charlotte out to dinner? Strange behaviour for a PI is all I have to say. Half way through the novella and I still do not know why Jack is in town. So Jack is not acting himself and what does he think?

I’m not a fan of Christmas, so I deciphered that being in Christmas Town is messing with my senses. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Mr. Edwards seems to be an impatient client, and kind of a pain from the description we get.  But, Jack took the job for money…lots of money. In fact, “a year’s worth of business for what amounts to a couple of week’s investigation.

Then the reason Jack came to Christmas Town all plays out rather quickly in the second half of the story (and no…you will have to read it yourself…I am not going to spoil it for you).

When Jack returns to Christmas town six months later, his opinion on Christmas and the town seems to have taken a total 180 as they say.  Definitely has left me wondering about this short novella. But there is resolution and it might be interesting to read the second novella in the series “Christmas Miracle on Valentine’s Day”.