Christine Johnson
Claire De Lune 
Claire De Lune, Book #1

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It’s Claire’s 16th birthday, the day she begins turning into a werewolf though she has no forewarning. Claire wants popularity and Matthew even though Matthew’s father wants to cure lycanthropy.

Hanover Falls residents live in fear, a werewolf has been killing locals. Claire’s pack hopes to find the killer and take care of the problem.

As Claire struggles to come to terms with who she is, she and Matthew’s relationship hangs in the balance.


I was hesitant to read Claire De Lune as I’m not a big fan of werewolf stories. I was pleasantly surprised, engrossed from the beginning. That doesn’t often happen to me with a writer’s first book.

Claire is a relatable character in that she’s been handed something she doesn’t want but must learn to deal with. Matthew clashes with his father’s beliefs. Neither he or Claire has an easy road ahead.

I love the girl power, only women are werewolves making the story just fun to read. Claire is not your average weak whiny female lead. I bonded with her as she at first fought what she was, but then finally accepted and stepped up to her role.

Christine Johnson takes you on a journey through the mind of a wolf leading up to the first time they change. She lets the story unfold so naturally that it’s not overly descriptive.

I was struck by the relationship between Claire and her mother Marie. They don’t seem to understand one another, nor are they close. That changes throughout the book. They come to a more gentle understanding and appreciation of one another.

I didn’t figure out which wolf was the killer until near the end of the book but the suspense kept me hooked.

I read the book in about 3 hours. Quick, easy read. It’s a great read for those who want to get their feet wet with werewolf stories.

4 out of 5 stars.