Charlaine Harris will not tour to promote

final ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ novel

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*Please be aware this article contains SPOILERS to the Sookie Stackhouse Series*

Charlaine Harris, author of the popular “Southern Vampire Mysteries” will not take part in a promotion tour for the final installment titled “Dead Ever After” after receiving threats from fans
(Wet Paint, May 7)…..

Fans have been very vocal about not wanting the series to end or their displeasure on who Sookie finally ends up with. Harris says that while she is grateful that the series has such a devoted following, the same devotion has become scary and a source of anxiety for the author…..

Harris has begun writing a new series that will be set in small Texas town. The new series will feature some familiar characters and will involve the supernatural. Ace, Harris’ publisher will release a short story next spring that will feature Sookie and the protagonist of the new series. (Via

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Sookie Stackhouse series from the moment I started reading Dead Until Dark (book 1 of the series), there is something about it that just draws you in.  Apparently I’m not the only one that felt that way!  I only wish that True Blood would have stayed a bit truer to the series in the later seasons….I haven’t gotten a chance to read Dead Ever After yet, I did just get it in the mail and it’s next on my to read list.  I will admit that I don’t like the direction the series was going in the last couple of books.  When you take a fan-favorite character and completely change who he is, people are going to be upset.  Especially when the series has been building up a relationship between Sookie and that character for the majority of the series!  And, then start pushing her to a happily ever after with a character that is more fatherly than lover?  I don’t blame the fans for being upset!  I know this book is going to piss me off, at least if it continues in the direction it was headed at the end of Deadlocked, but I know I have to see the series through to the end…. no matter what.

With all that said, I think how some fans are reacting is INSANE!!  Threatening an author over a book!  Really?  This is fiction folks, these people aren’t real!  Yes, we’ve spent over a decade with them and have fallen in love, but they will never return that love, they will never go out and have drinks with you and party.  You don’t like the ending of the book?  Fine!  Get angry, yell and scream, and stew in your own pissed-off-ed-ness (don’t you love my made up word?), heck you can even vent with other Sookie fans that I’m sure are in agreement with you.  But threatening the author and telling her you’re going to commit suicide if the book doesn’t end the way you want is going way over the line!  This poor lady has already had to MOVE because of her fans and now she can’t tour with her book because she doesn’t know what an unstable fan might do?  This is absolutely crazy and speaks of what a sad world we live in.

I know the above rant is geared to a small percentage of Sookie fans, but with all these things I’ve been reading, I have to admit it angered me to see such crazy reactions and I had to get it off my chest:)

Now that I’m back to calm-land…..

Have you read Dead Ever After?  What are your thoughts on it?

Harris has a Sookie short coming out that is meant to bridge Sookie with her next series….. will you be reading it and the next series?

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