Charlaine Harris: Dead to the World

Brought to you by OBS Staff member Rose

Book Four: Sookie Stackhouse Series

Dead to the World is the fourth installment in Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels. Unfortunately, Sookie and Bill are no longer a couple at this juncture, but they still talk.  After a work shift, Bill comes over to her house and informs her that he is leaving for Peru to do more of the Queens bidding involving the database project he is working on. Swiftly thereafter, upon driving home from a Christmas party at Merlotte’s, Sookies sees a man running, naked by the side of the road that leads to her house. To her surprise it’s Eric. He has no memory of who he is or anyone else for that matter. Not only does he not remember anything, he is also a changed man, err Vampire.  Gentle, kinder and scared to trust anyone but her, Eric has Sookie take on the role of protector. Sookie is without a doubt on the path for another adventure. How did Eric wind up like this? Turns out her investigation will turn up another supernatural kind of entity…Witches! They’ve invaded Shreveport and will stop at nothing till they get what they want.

Ah…the book all die-hard Sookie Stackhouse novel fans deem the best out of the series. Well maybe it’s just us biased Swedish viking swooners. With Bill out of the picture yet again, this time in Peru, and Eric a changed vampire anything can happen and it does.

What better way to start off a story than having Sookie find poor Eric wandering naked by the side of the road. Not only does she have to solve that mystery, but her brother Jason goes missing as well. A lot of subplots rule this tome.  All equally, keep the reader on their toes. Charlaine Harris ups the ante with action that involves ALL types of supernatural beings coming together as a team; shifters, weres, vampires and witches. Anyone who couldn’t wait for Eric and Sookies lustful tension to finally break be prepared to be quite pleased. What more could you ask for???

My advice: read it slowly if you can, cause once you’re through you’ll want more. Or…you can just read it again.