OBS is back with more Twilight characters. Last week we brought you the Bella, Edward and Jacob the main characters that form the love triangle of the third book in the Twilight series: Eclipse. This time we’re talking a look inside the wolf pack’s members who turn out to be an important element to defeat the nomads. Enjoy!

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Sam Uley

Full Name: Sam Uley.
Portrayed in the film by: Soloman Trimble (twilight) Chaske Spencer (new moon, eclipse).

Status: Shape Shifter Wolf (Secondary Alpha) / Human.
Allegiance: Sam Uley’s Pack.
Date of Birth: 1986.
Date of Change: Unknown, around age 14-16.
Birthplace: La Push, Quileute Reservation, Washington.

Hair Color: Black.
Fur Color: Black.
Eye Color: Brown.
Height: Not specified, but very tall.
Physical Description:
As a human, Sam is described as having long, rounded muscles, a deep voice with an older face, copper skin, very tall, cropped, black hair, and brown eyes.
Distinguishing Quality: Has Alpha abilities.

Hobbies: Protecting LaPush with the pack.
Occupation: None.

Family: Joshua Uley (brother), Levi Uley (Great grandfather), Emily Young (Fiancé).
Pack Members:
Embry Call, Paul, Colin, Brady, Jared and 7 unnamed pack members.

Nick Names: None.
Car: None.

Notable Quotes:

  • “The Cullens don’t come here.”
  • ”No, I don’t think she’s hurt she just keeps saying ‘He’s gone.’”
  • “I honor my pack. I do what’s best for them”
  • “You will not be cruel to him, Leah. Bella’s sacrifice is a heavy price, and we will all recognize that. It is against everything we stand for to take a human life. Making an exception to that code is a bleak thing. We will all mourn for what we do tonight.”
  • “Do you belong to a coven now, Jacob?”

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