Today we bring you the gods that inhabit the Percy Jackson & the Olympians universe. Now when I say gods I mean the polytheistic belief that the Greek’s believe in. Here are some of the immortals that appear in Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.

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Roman Name: Neptune
Parents: Rhea, Kronos
Spouse: Amphitrite
Most Well Known Consorts & Children:

  • Sally Jackson (Percy Jackson Universe Only)
    • Perseus Jackson
  • Amphitrite
    • Triton
  • Aethra
    • Theseus
  • Clieto
    • Atlas
  • Euryale
    • Orion
  • Gaia
    • Charybdis
  • Medusa
    • Pegasus
  • Unknown Mother
    • Tyson (Percy Jackson Universe Only)

Personality: Poseidon is stubborn, proud, and tempermental (like his brothers). He is kind to those who hold his favor, but quick to temper should someone get on his bad side. He has a good sense of humor unlike his brother zeus who is dramatic.

Powers and Abilities: Control over water (creating storms, etc.), Project blue beams from his Trident that can transform or destroy its target, and standard god powers.

Symbol of Power: Trident

Summary: Poseidon, like his siblings, spent his childhood in the belly of his father Kronos until Metis and Zeus tricked him to dislodge them. Afterwards, Poseidon joined the cause to defeat his father and drew lots with Zeus and Hades for what parts of the wrold they were to rule; Poseidon became the Sea God.

Poseidon met Sally Jackson in Montauk, where Percy was concieved, and left before Percy was born. In The Lightning Thief, Poseidon claimed Percy after a hellhound attacked him in order to get his aid in finding Zeus’ lightning bolt.

Portrayed by: Kevin McKidd


Roman Name: Jupiter
Parents: Rhea, Kronos
Spouse: Hera
Most Well Known Consorts & Children:

  • Ms. Grace (Percy Jackson Universe Only)
    • Thalia Grace
  • Ananke
    • The Fates (or possibly daughters of Themis)
      • Atropos
      • Clotho
      • Lachesis
  • Demeter
    • Persephone
  • Dione or Thalassa
    • Aphrodite
  • Hera
    • Ares
    • Eris
    • Hebe
    • Hephaestus (or possibly Hera alone)
  • Leto
    • Apollo
    • Artemis
  • Maia
    • Hermes
  • Metis
    • Athena
  • Themis
    • Nemesis
  • Alcmene
    • Hercules
  • Danae
    • Perseus
  • Europa
    • Minos
  • Semele
    • Dionysus

Personality: Like his other brothers, Zeus is stubborn, proud, and quick tempered. At times he can be ver paranoid, which lead to the story for The Lightning Thief. As the king of gods Zeus expects everyon to obey him without question. When someone doesn’t Zeus can be unforgiving and dramatic, but has a soft spot for certain favorites such as Thalia Grace.

Powers and Abilities: As the king of gods, Zeus is said to be the most powerful god. He can control and form of weather he wishes from the storm (including lightning and thunder storms). He also possess the standard god powers.

Symbol of Power: Master Bolt

Summary: Unlike his other siblings, Zeus was not devoured by Kronos and with the aid of Metis he forced Kronos to dislodge his siblings. Afterwards, Zeus released the Cyclops from Tartarus. As a token of gratitude the Cyclops gave Zeus his mastor bolt. With this, he and his siblings defeated Kronos and the other Titans.

In The Lightning Thief, Zeus accuses Poseidon of stealing his Master Bolt which leads Percy on a journey to recover it from the real thief.

Portrayed by: Sean Bean


Roman Name: Pluto
Parents: Rhea, Kronos
Spouse: Persephone
Most Well Known Consorts & Children:

  • Maria di Angelo (Percy Jackson Universe Only)
    • Bianca di Angelo
    • Nico di Angelo

Personality: Like his brothers, Hades is stubborn, proud and quick tempered, but he is also vicious and vengeful. Hades believes that he got the short end of the stick by ruling the underworld and blames his brothers for it. Wanting to rule everything, Hades frequently makes plots to destroy his brothers.

Powers and Abilities: As god of the underworld, Hades has dominion over the dead and all the creatures that live there. He has the ability to transform into any shape he wishes, including others. He also can throw fireballs and summon waves of the dead to fight for his cause. Like others, he has the standard god powers.

Symbol of Power: Helm of Darkness

Summary: Like the rest of his siblings, Hades spent his childhood in his fathers belly. After becoming the Lord of the Underworld, Hades wanted a wife and fell for Demeter’s daughter Persephone. He kidnapped her and dragged her to the Underworld where she slowly relished in her freedom and learned to love Hades. Zeus finally got in the arguement and ordered Hades to return Persephone, but due to eating six pomegrante seeds she would have to spend six months a year in the Underworld.

In The Lightning Thief, Hades kidnaps Sally Jackson and uses her as a bargaining tool for the Master Bolt.

Portrayed by: Steve Coogan

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