Today OBS brings you the fifth part of our special LOST “Character Profile” edition; where you’ll get to meet two of series most polar opposite characters, Hugo Reyes and Horace Goodspeed.

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Hugo (Hurley) Reyes

Date of Birth: February 23, 1977

Birth Place: Miami, Florida

Date of Death: Unknown

Family: David Reyes (Father) and Carmen (Mother)

Relationships: Possible deceased wife

Profession: Worked at a Fast-Food restaurant before winning the lottery and quitting.


Woah.. that was like a.. ‘jedi moment”

“Yeah, until he rises from the dead… and he’ll catch me first… because, I’m heavy… and I get cramps.” Said while Ethan was being buried.

Summary: Hugo’s father David, left the family, and Hugo’s sadness and self-doubt (believing that his father’s leaving was his fault) caused him to gain weight. Later in life, Hurley was involved in an accident in which a deck collapsed as he stepped onto it, killing two people. He immediately spiraled into a worse depression, which caused  Hugo’s mother, to put him in a mental institution. Locke’s mother was also treated at this same mental facility and it is also where Libby was then a patient. It was at this facility where Hugo met patient named Leonard Simms, who kept mumbling the numbers  4 8 15 16 23 42.

After Hugo was released from the facility, he resumed his job at a fast-food restaurant, and moved back in with his mother. He decided to use the numbers that Leonard kept saying to play the lottery. Hurley learned while watching televsion one night that he had won $114m in the lottery, and of course he quit his job.

Following his lottery win Hugo experienced a string of many bad events. He assumed it was due to the numbers he used to win the lottery. To figure out what to do, he visited Leonard Simms in the mental facility to question him about the numbers and Leonard suggested speaking to a man named Sam Toomey who was located in Australia. Once in Australia, he speaks to Toomey’s wife and learns that Toomey committed suicide to escape all his bad luck because of the numbers. Hence the reason why Hurley was on flight Oceanic 815, returning from Australia.

Played by: Jorge Garcia

Horace Goodspeed

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birth Place: Unknown

Date of Death: December 19, 1992

Family Members: Amy (wife), Olivia Goodspeed (unknown relation), and Ethan Rom (son). Horace also had an unnamed daughter-in-law.

Relationships: Amy (wife)

Profession: As the leader of the DHARMA Initiative on the Island.


“He needs to take Paul’s body back with him. It’s the only way to maintain the truce.”

“I’m not making any sense, am I? That’s probably because I’ve been dead for 12 years.”


Before Horace he came to the Island in 1964, Horace was driving with Olivia in Portland when he happened upon Roger Linus and his wife the side of the road, right after Ben had been prematurely born.  Roger’s wife unfortunately did not make it.  Years later, Horace was involved in bringing eight year old Ben and his father Roger to the Island in 1973 to work for the Dharma Initiative.

Horace interacted not only with other Dharma workers but also with the Lost survivors after the island started tripping in time and when the Oceanic Six returned to the island.

During the time of ‘the Purge’ of the Dharma workers in 1992, Horace died. Ben discovered his body after coming back from having killed his own father and showed his respect to Horace by closing his eyes, something Ben never did with any other of the other deceased.

Played by: Doug Hutchison

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