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Ever Bloom

Full name: Ever Bloom

Ever is 16 years old when the story begins. She is the typical beautiful beach girl; she is tall, lean, and blonde with deep blue eyes. Except for the fact that she doesn’t flaunt her beauty, she strives to cover every inch of herself up with clothes, and make herself less appealing to any male companions. All that is because our main character is psychic and can read people’s aura.

Ever was involved in a car crash that killed her little sister Riley, both her parents and her golden retriever Buttercup. She lived only because she was so caught up in the beauty of the ‘in-between’ that she didn’t cross the ‘bridge’ – that and Damen fed her the elixir of life, that keeps her Immortal. Damen is her soul mate through the ages, he is an Immortal that seeks her out in each one of her different lives, but his ex Drina kills her before he turns her Immortal. But this present time, he succeeded and now she lives.

Ever is the typical teenager, besides the fact that she can see people’s future and past just by one single touch. She has two good friends that are considered outsiders like her, Miles and Haven. After the accident, she moved in with her Aunt Sabine out in Orange County, California. She has everything she could want, a beautiful home complete with all teenagers dreams…but she is lonely, feels guilty for causing her the car crash and is burdened with her gifts. But when Damen walks into her life, all of that changes

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