Today we’re continuing with our special couple’s edition with some of the most romantic, sweet and loved by the readers characters from Twilight and Harry Potter. These are couples that belong together in any universe and because of their personalities are just meant for one another. Enjoy!

(Spoilers ahead, be careful)

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Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

How did they get together?
Ginny had a crush on Harry since they first met. But since Harry was best friends with Ron, he never saw Ginny as girlfriend material. As they grew up they both realized their deep attraction to each other was more than friendship.

What attracts them to each other?
Since they have been friends for so long their love manifested from it. When Harry realized his attraction to Ginny, the rest just falls into place.

Why do the make such a timeless couple?
Being “the Chosen One”  brought much danger to anyone he loved and since Ginny loved him for being Harry and not anything else it made them a strong and timeless couple.

What are some of the problems they faced because of  being a couple?
Harry and Ginny have two major problems because they are a couple. One is because Ginny is the sister of  Harry’s best friend which is usually a no-go. And also, since Harry was fighting against the Death Eaters and Voldemort, he did not want to risk Ginny getting hurt because they were together.

Alice Cullen & Jasper Hale

How did they get together?
Alice saw Jasper and the Cullen family in one of her visions. She met Jasper in a dinner in Philadelphia, and they both fell in love during their adventures to find the Cullens by 1950.

What attracts them to each other?
I think the inevitability of their meeting created a foundation for their relationship. Also, the fact that they were both nomads and then they found each other solidified their love.

Why do they make such a timeless couple?
The fact that Alice saw Jasper in her vision of the future makes their love inevitable. They are timeless because in a time where they were both alone they found each other and haven’t looked back since.

What are some of the problems they faced because of being a couple?
There aren’t any problems that they face as couple, but since they are participants in one of the largest vampire Covens they are usually in danger of those who want to challenge them.

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What do you think of these couples?
Which is your favorite?
Would you change them or are they meant to be?