Parasol Protectorate, Book #2
By Gail Carriger
ISBN# 9780316074148
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Alexia is back in the second installment of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series.  And in this book she wakes from a blissful sleep to hear her husband, Lord Conall Maccon yelling at someone.  He heads off to London to take care of the problem that has occurred.  He travels in wolf form knowing the trip will be quicker that way, but when he arrives his body is forced back into human form.  And this problem isn’t affecting just him.  All vampires and werewolves are now mortal and even the ghosts have been exorcised.  Once Macoon is back out of London though, he returns to his supernatural self.

Lord Maccon heads to Scotland to take care of some pack problems.  But when Alexia discovers that the humanization has something to do with some soldiers that have returned from service and that the plague appears to be following Conall to Scotland she decides to follow him there to investigate.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this novel as I did struggle through a great deal of the first book in the series, Soulless, understanding how people were talking (dialect and basic talk of the era) and what was going on especially when they were using first and last names for the same person.  But I’m happy to report that I had no such problem with Changeless.  I slipped right in and understood everything that was going on.

I felt this book had a good storyline and it was never boring.  It was a wonderful rollick into a time long gone by.  I enjoyed seeing more of Alexia’s relationship with the earl and how her life has changed since her marriage.  I also enjoyed Ivy and her quirky ways.  Seeing her and Tunstell’s forbidden relationship was fun and showed the dramatics of that time and what was expected of people, especially women.

*Huge Spoiler*  Look away now before it’s too late….

I felt bad for Alexia when the book left off; her pregnant and Conall thinking she had been unfaithful to him.  She is the curse-breaker after all is it really that hard to believe that she could also break his curse of infertility? Well hopefully Lord Maccon quits being so hard-headed and they get their issues resolved soon.  This book definitely leaves me longing for more in this interesting series!!  Enjoy this read, but be forewarned that it will make sure you read the next in the series, Blameless.