Celebrity in Death

In Death, Book #34

By J.D. Robb

ISBN# 9780749955915

Author’s Website:  http://www.jdrobb.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

celebrity-in-deathDallas and Peabody start this installment out on the set of the movie being made about them!  Unfortunately they learn just how unpleasant the ‘actor’ playing Peabody really is.  So when she later ends up dead at a party for those involved with the movie, everybody has the potential of being a suspect since everybody present had some kind of run in with her.  But it’s up to Dallas and Peabody to wade through the evidence and collar a killer.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read a book from this series, and I was hoping the break would make me love this installment that much more.  But sadly I had trouble truly investing myself in the book.  For one thing, I was introduced to so many characters at once that I kept getting a few mixed up!  I also really missed the intimacy between Roarke and Eve in this installment.  No, the couple wasn’t having problems, the book just focused more on the murder!  But don’t worry there are definitely still a few chuckles to be had.

“Wear your new boots.” He passed her the clothes. “They’ll work well with that, and with the coat as well.”

“What new boots?” Her eyebrows drew together as he took them off a shelf. “And where did they come from?”

“The boot elves, I assume.”

“The boot elves are going to be pissed when they’re dinged and scuffed inside a week.”

“Oh, I think they’re more tolerant than that.”

“Those elves keep this up I’m going to need a bigger closet.”

But she dressed as advised, then sat to pull on the boots while Roarke programmed breakfast for two.

They slid on like–as Peabody might say–butter. “Okay.” She stood, took some strides. “They’re great. Sturdy–I could definitely kick some teeth in with these.”

“The elves had that as top priority.”

This book was an okay read, I was just hoping for more.