Celtic Lust
Cassidy Elliot

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Angie


Cassidy Elliott found herself torn between two worlds. The one in which she was currently living and the one in which she was desperately trying to escape. No correction she found herself torn between two men. One man she desperately found herself needing and longing to spend an eternity. And one to which she was forced to open her heart, mind, body and soul to. Everyone always assumes a vampire has a choice in which way they live the here after. Well my friend you soon will see how very wrong you are to assume we are in control of our own destiny, no matter who we are.


Celtic Lust is a tale that is told through a series of flashbacks of other characters. We’re not told exactly when or where the story takes place, but based on the title and vernacular I’m assuming the characters are of Irish descent.

There is little character development and the “love” between the main character, Cassidy, (a witch and vampire) and her two love interests Ash and Daniel, (both vampires) seems to be just a given.  She is blood bound to Ash but wishes to escape. Daniel and Patrick are her good buddies that will do anything to help her achieve this goal.

Along the way we find out how Cassidy came to be a vampire and meet the man that betrayed her family.

As Cassidy is seeking to be released from her binding with Ash she is kidnapped and Daniel and her friends must find and rescue her. What results, is a plot twist that I would never have imagined or thought possible.

This was a quick read – taking about 3 hours. I felt let down at the plot holes, the time jumps and seemingly pointless events. Since this is book one in a series I feel that the characters will be more fully fleshed in subsequent books.

The sex scenes were rushed, unimaginative and cliche. I didn’t feel the passion.

The twist at the end was a cliffhanger indeed and certainly not something that I would have thought would happen. It will be quite interesting to see how this is written and resolved in the sequels.