4 star

Call on Me     

Loving on the Edge, Book # 8

By Roni Loren

ISBN: 978-0425278390

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Caution, this story contains BDSM.


Oakley Easton wants two things: to be a good mom to her daughter and to ditch her less than ideal night job. Hooking up with bad boy drummer Pike Ryland? Not on the agenda. She needs a promotion. Not sex, tattoos and rock ’n’ roll.

Pike isn’t about to let Ms. Prim and Proper shut him down so easily, especially when he stumbles upon Oakley’s sexy night job. She’s only playing a role on those late night calls with strangers, but when he gets her on the line, all bets are off. He won’t stop until that sultry voice is calling his name for real.

But as they move from anonymous fantasies in the dark to the flesh-on-hot-flesh reality of the bedroom, the risk of falling in love becomes all too high. And the safe, quiet world that Oakley’s worked so hard to create is about to be exposed to the one person who could ruin it all.


Call on Me is the story of Oakley Easton and Pike Ryland. They meet when Pike is asked to help the Bluebonnet organization with their charity music event. After Oakley’s music past, she tries to dislike Pike from the beginning, only to fail very quickly. Her job of receptionist is not enough to pay the bills, so for some time she has been working at night as Sasha in a sex-phone-line. One day, Pike accidentally answers Oakley’s phone to a man asking to talk with Sasha, this ignites a curiosity in him that later is confirmed when he calls the number and Oakley answers in a sexy voice. After this phone call, a hunger for each other start to consume them, until they both agree that their feelings are much deeper.

“You sound sleepy. Are you in bed?” “I am. All alone. How about you? You want some company?” “I want you.” The words were ones she’d heard a thousand times before, but for some reason these sent a bloom of heat through her. Her body prickled with awareness. Huh. Weird. “Well, I’m right here for whatever you want.” “I just got what I wanted.” She frowned. “And what’s that?” “To hear your voice one more time tonight”…

Call on Me takes place eight years after the events of Yours All Along, where we meet Hunter and Devon. In that novella we got a glimpse of Oakley’s life of a singer. This is the second book I read by author Roni Loren, the first one was Yours All Along and once I finished it I wanted to know what had happened to Devon’s sister for him to need money for their bills, and I wasn’t disappointed.

In this book, author Roni Loren shows a woman that has been burned by the world of entertainment and has natural dislike for all things related to musicians and a man that has a family past that he doesn’t want to repeat. They both have issues, but together they seem to connect, and once they do it’s hard not to see them together forever.

I loved Oakley’s daughter Reagan, I would say that she had the best lines and I got the feeling that she was a major help for Pike to fall for Oakley. Being a teen mom had to be very difficult for Oakley, but I would say that she did the best she could and put her daughter’s needs before her own. The instant like between Pike and Reagan was something that I liked, the three of them make a great family.

Unlike Yours All Along, Call on Me is BDSM story. Its sex scenes are much stronger than the novella. If you like this genre then this story is great for you, but it also has that taste of romance story for all who like happy endings.

In Call on Me, we can see some characters from the previous books of the series, some of them now have children and others are trying to get pregnant. We also learn about a few of the characters for the next books. It also comes with the preview for Roni’s new series.

If you are a fan of Roni Loren or BDSM stories, then I recommend you Call on Me. Here in this story a voice would capture a man’s interest and his heart, and release the passion of a woman that thought she was numb.

“Hello, this is Sasha. Ready for a fantasy night?”

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