Call It Magic

Spellbound Falls, Book #7

Janet Chapman


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The latest magical romance in the Spellbound Falls series from the New York Times bestselling author of From Kiss to Queen and The Highlander Next Door

Welcome back to Spellbound Falls, Maine where love is the greatest magic of all…

Katy MacBain moved to with secrets she plans to keep. The newest member of the Fire and Rescue Team, she disappeared for three weeks before arriving on the job. She doesn’t understand why Gunnar Wolfe, the town’s interim fire chief and her boss, seems determined to uncover the truth of what happened to her during that time. Or why she’s more attracted to him than she’s ever been to any other man.

A confident firefighter, Gunnar Wolfe doesn’t give up and he’s resolved to find out what’s wrong with the mysterious and beautiful Katy. Since she is the newest member of his team, he’s naturally protective of her, but he’s surprised to find himself captivated by the tenacious and talented woman who is so…magical.  (Goodreads)


Katy MacBain moves to Spellbound Falls to become an EMT for the Fire and Rescue Team.  She wants to have a life of her own, and not have her family running interference for her.  She wants to forget what happened to her before going to Spellbound Falls, and she will if it kills her.  

Gunnar Wolfe was asked by Katy’s friend to find her and make sure she was okay.  For three weeks it seems as if Katy just fell off the face of the earth.  Now that she is a member of his team of Search and Rescue, he is drawn to her and finds her “magical”.  When he finds out her secret, he wants to help her but does not know how.

Gunnar was very patient with her and he decided that he needed her, but he has to be very careful to not scare her away.

I really enjoyed reading about Katy and Gunnar’s story.  There were heartwarming moments, funny moments , scary moments and romantic moments between them.  I really liked how their interactions started out shaky and then progressed to being more meaningful.  I loved the bickering and bantering between them and Katy thinking Gunnar was a mythical male.  

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted contemporary romance with a touch of magic.

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