Aaron Sagers from the California Chronicle wrote an interesting article about vampire love:

I am a male vampire lover.

There is more of my kind around than you might think, but we’ve been pushed to the fringes these last few years since the vampire trend re-exploded and became co-opted by tween girls and trashy romance novels. But I was a vamp-lover when they were evil monsters unstoppable aside from a well-placed stake or poor SPF protection. I ate up vampire stories before they were cool again and when it was still OK to be a guy into the undead.

Of course, vampires as metaphors aren’t anything new. They are both darkness and sex personified. Depending on the work of fiction, they can easily be used as representations of addiction, loneliness, homosexuality, fear of mortality, discrimination and so on. They can even become the likable, yet quirky, grandpas and numbers-obsessed math teachers of our lives. Yet vampires as leading men in “girly books” and “chick flicks” are new, and it’s a horrifying thought for most dudes who love the genre. When Meyer enjoyed massive success, she launched the current vampire wave that primarily targets women and pushes genre lovers like me to the shadows.

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His take on vampires is interesting. It’s refreshing for a man to be so honest about his interest in male vampires.

What do you think about this article? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?