Brotherhood in Death

In Death, Book #42

By J.D. Robb

ISBN# 9780399170898

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Eve Dallas is back on the case, and she didn’t expect this one to hit so close to home.  Her dear friend Dennis Mira went to his grandfather’s home that he and his cousin Edward have been disagreeing about.  Dennis went there fully expecting a confrontation with Edward who was meeting a realtor there to sell the home.  Something he can’t do without Dennis’s agreement, which he’d never get.  However, what he found was a beaten up Edward and then he was hit from behind knocking him out.  When he came to Edward was gone.  The following day Edward’s body was found hanging from the chandelier of that very house.

Soon Edward’s friends start disappearing and being murdered as well.  Eve must find out who was a part of the Brotherhood that is being hunted down and who would want to destroy them so violently.  And, Eve’s past comes roaring back when she starts to suspect rape as the motive of these murders.  Can Eve find the next victim before it’s too late, and if they truly did rape those hunting them now, does she want to find them in time?

I haven’t read an In Death book in some time.  And, this one was a decent read.  Although, I had expected it to be a bit more emotionally charged since it touched on Eve’s past.  I was honestly hoping it would be.  We still got some light humor that we’ve come to expect with this series.  And, of course Roarke is by Eve’s side to help her through the dark. 

“You do keep busy.”

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

“Why? They’re idle when you’re sleeping—does he set up shop then? Are we all supposed to stay awake using our hands so the devil doesn’t make stuff? What if you broke your hand? Is he doing his workshop thing while you’re waiting to have it fixed?”

Roarke contemplated the pale gold ceiling. “Such a simple, if moralistic, phrase now thoroughly destroyed.”

“I keep busy, too.”

The men in question were pretty disgusting and intitled and honestly deserved what they got.

This book did keep my interest, it just didn’t knock my socks off.