Breaking the Nexus
Mythrian Realm, Book #1
By Lindsay Avalon
ISBN# 9780615753140
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

The world is turned upside down and inside out for Sha Phoenix when one of the portals she is supposed to protect between the magical world of Mythria and the human realm, which  sucks her in and sends her to the world of the humans and right smack dab in the middle of a crime scene.   A scene where she quickly becomes a suspect in a gruesome murder.

But Detective Connor Flynn quickly assuages her of any guilt when a video of how she came to be in the human world starts making its rounds.  Connor is forced to become Sha’s protector instead;  a job that Connor happily takes on, as he fights an instant attraction to her!

Meanwhile, things keep happening; each one stranger than the one before that leads Sha to realize the portal has been weakened on purpose by the person that has been killing and mutilating people in the human realm.  Sha and Connor must work together to find the person responsible and try to put an end to him at all costs.

I thought this was an interesting story, even if the realm between the human and magical worlds has been done a million times.  It was still a nice story and I did enjoy it.  I thought it was a good start to a new and magical series.

I really liked Connor.  He was the tough protective cop that will do anything to keep the ones he loves safe.  The relationship between Sha and him happened a little more suddenly, then I would have liked, but it was still good and the sex scenes were steamy, but a bit on the short side.  But that is to be expected in an ebook that was only 97 pages.  I also thought the sex scene chapter that started on page 69 to be appropriate even though I realize it probably was not intended that way!   Anyway, I was glad to get a little smut in!  With the cover of this book, I would have been greatly disappointed if there hadn’t been any!

I thought this was a great start in this author’s young writing career (at least of the published variety) and I’m curious to see what Avalon has in store for us in the future, as I feel that she is definitely going places!