Chapters 4-6

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Edward and Bella enjoy their wedding reception and an unexpected guest shows up; Jacob.  Bella is excited to see him and Edward gives the two of them time alone to talk.  Their happy reunion quickly takes a bad turn when Bella informs Jacob that she plans to have a “real” honeymoon and Jacob fears Edward will kill her.

After Bella and Edward say their goodbyes, Edward whisks Bella away for their honeymoon.  The location is a surprise to Bella and after riding in plane, taxi, and boat they finally reach their destination: a private island that was a gift from Carlisle to Esme called Isle Esme. Bella was nervous at first, but gets over it once she’s out in the water with Edward.

Bella wakes up in the morning in complete bliss only to find a very agitated Edward.  He had bruised her in their lovemaking and was angry with himself.  After that, Edward was determined not to make love to her again until after her change.  He kept her so busy that she was too worn out for sex.

One night Bella wakes up in tears from a dream and ends up seducing Edward and he discovers that he can make love to her without injuring her.

Favorite Scene:

The entire honeymoon was fun to read, but if I must pick one part of these three chapters, I will have to pick when Bella and Edward wake up that first morning on Isle Esme and he’s so angry with himself because he thinks he hurt her and she can’t figure out what is wrong with him.

Discussion Questions:

1.    What did you think of the wedding reception?  Do you think it was a good idea for Jacob to show up or do you think it would have been better for all involved if he had stayed away?
2.    What do you think about Edward cooking for Bella and naming Food Network as his resource?  What would you like him to cook for you?
3.    How did you feel about the cleaning lady being afraid of Edward?  Why do you think she’d continue to work for someone she fears?

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