The Cavanaugh Brothers, Book #3

By Laura Wright

ISBN# 9780451465085

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brashCole Cavanaugh hasn’t been the same since he lost his twin sister, Cass, to a murderer that is still a mystery to them all.  He failed her.  He should have protected her.  Now Cole lives half a life, refusing to settle down since his beautiful sister can’t have a life so he feels he doesn’t deserve one either.  He lives in a hotel, never putting roots down by getting his own place.  He makes his career as a UFC fighter, using his anger to win fights, picturing each opponent as the one that took Cass from him.

Following the few clues they’ve had about what happened to Cass, has led him to the former sheriff, but his pit bull of a daughter is blocking all access to him.  Cole’s pushing has even led to earning himself a nice little restraining order.  Those are the breaks sometimes when you go after what you want.

Imagine Cole’s surprise, when out of the blue the good doctor (she’s the town veterinarian) drops the restraining order and agrees to work with him.  He knows she’s up to something, but he can’t miss the chance to get closer to the truth, even if he’s not ready to hear it.

Since the beginning of this series Cole has been my favorite Cavanaugh brother, so needless to say, I was pretty excited to finally get to delve into his book.  I was NOT disappointed and this has definitely been my favorite installment so far in the series.  And, I know this is a novel I will want to read again and again.

I absolutely love Cole.  He’s a good guy in an impossible situation.  I mean how do you live after the other part of your heart and soul has been murdered?  He carries so much guilt over what happened and fights it as best as he knows how.  And, the fact that he’s all tatted up and sexy doesn’t hurt either!

Grace was a good strong character as well, doing whatever it takes to protect her father who is losing his grip on reality, which is sad in its own right.

I really enjoyed watching this relationship develop.  It was paced perfectly, not an instant love connection, but not a really drawn out pairing either.  It was great to see Cole finally have something to live for again.

Blue is the only Cavanaugh brother’s story left to tell, which does make me a little sad as I don’t want the series to end.  But Brash really does advance the storyline of what happened to Cass, and they are on the brink of figuring it all out.  I just really hope that Blue doesn’t end up with the person he’s with in the last scene of this book, as I feel it would be a complete betrayal to the rest of the family, which of course could be what he’s after.  Blue is my second favorite Cavanaugh and I can’t wait for his book, but again torn because I don’t want the series to be over!

Please do yourself a favor and check out this series! Hot, sexy, cowboys and a murder mystery.  What’s not to love?

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