BRAD STIEGER’S REAL VAMPIRES’s Paul Robers reviewed the new book Real Vampires by Brad Stieger:

Comments: I am actually stunned with my mouth agape. This book is absolutely astonishing! I thought I knew everything about vampires, but legendary Brad Steiger again delivers some amazing stories in this fabulous book! Let me go over some of the great stuff you will find in this book and believe me there is a lot of great stuff!

The Sons and Daughters of Lillith: Brad researches his material to a tee and delivers information from the apocryphal Book of Enoch and talks about the Watchers, the fallen ones, the Nephilim, etc. Throughout this whole book, there are some gorgeous drawings by Ricardo Pustanio. The artwork is eye-candy to well-researched text. Supernatural Shape-shifters from Parallel Dimensions. Talk of the Jinns! Jinns are not your magic genies, they are your shapeshifters and Brad explains why. You will learn why human blood becomes sacred to the old gods. Ton of information to absorb, get ready my friend!

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Woot! this book covers everything from mythic vamps to classic vamps to werewolves and vamps. I must read this book.

Does it sound good to you?