5 star rating
Bound By Time
By A.D. Trosper
ISBN# 9780615986753
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Possible Spoilers

bound-by-time-a-d-trosperOne word to describe this book, intense. Maybe two, intensely amazing. Even better, intensely amazing filled with hot dark angels! Yes, once more, author A.D. Trosper is letting our imaginations run wild with her new paranormal/romance book Bound by Time.

The story starts off with Isobe Moore, a college student going home for the summer to look over her parents house while they’re away on a business trip. Her stepmother, Elizabeth, has recently remodeled their home and in the process acquired a beautiful stained glass window which makes Isobel uneasy. At her arrival, she finds out that new neighbors have moved next door. The house has been bought by an elderly man and his young nephew. After her parents leave, Isobel stats having trouble sleeping due to nightmares and a malicious voice that haunts her. Things get worse when she encounters a dead body and a bloody scene in her kitchen. Horrified she screams and to her surprise her next door neighbor comes to her rescue. From that point on, Isobel learns that she is an old soul who has lived through several lives trying to vanquish the evil spirit trapped in the stained glass window that is now in her house. Damien DeLuca is her dark angel and throughout time they have always found each other to try and stop the evil from escaping its prison with no success, until now. This time around, Isobel is more powerful than ever and she will embrace the energy to protect her loved ones.

I was really fascinated by this story. I will admit that I didn’t know what to expect of Bound by Time since the previous books that I had read by author A.D. Trosper were about colorful dragons and their riders, but I was really taken by surprise. Bound by Time and its characters caught me instantly in their story. Isobel demonstrated to be a strong female character who hardly hesitated in taking on the role of heroine and protecting those around her. She always waited for the right moment to attack her enemies making the angels’ hearts skip a beat. Damien, oh Damien. Who doesn’t want a dark angel by their side? He has always fought through time to be there, help to protect Isobel from the evil Xapar, even if it means using all of his power. He won’t let any harm come to her and lose her again.

There’s romance and friendship in this story. A very handsome and comical dark angel is Lucian, who I just adored throughout the story. He is always ready for action. Then we have Rose, Isaac, Amelia and Elijah, who help Isobel remember her past lives and the information she needs to defeat Xapar. Something I like about author A.D. Trosper’s writing are her fight scenes. They’re always intense and full of action. She definitely knows how to leave a reader in suspense.

“Keep her safe, or I’ll rip your wings off and stuff them down your throat.” -Damien to Lucian.

“I knew if you came back you would chew my feathers over that.” -Lucian to Damien.

Overall, Bound by Time proved to be another great book by author A.D. Trosper who definitely knows what her fans want to read because she’s a fan of stories herself. If you’re in the mood for some angels fighting demons, this is the book for you.

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