4 star rating
Born in Death
In Death, Book #23
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780425215685
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*Beware of Spoilers*

born-in-death-j-d-robbBorn in Death is the 23rd installment of Nora Roberts’s popular In Death series featuring savvy police officer, Eve Dallas, and her hunky man, Roarke!

Eve has come a long way from a cold nasty hotel room in Dallas and along the way she has picked up a caring (and rich) husband along with many friends.  But she is learning more and more all the things those friendships require her to do.  Eve and Roarke FINALLY attend the birthing class that Mavis has been bugging them to go to.  It was just as horrible as they ever expected it to be, but they do what they have to for their friends and they know they have to be there for her and Leonardo.

“The worst, the very worst requirement of friendship, in Eve Dallas’s opinion, was sitting through an entire evening of childbirth classes.

What went on there–the sights, the sounds, the assault on all the senses–turned the blood cold.” 

Back on the job Eve catches a case where a young up-and-coming accountant, Natalie Copperfield, was murdered in her home and then they discovered her killer then went and did the same to her fiancé.  Upon investigating Eve determines that the couple was murdered for something Natalie discovered on the job; money laundering, tax invasion and someone on the inside helping make the fraud possible.

Then, when Eve is up to her eyeballs in her investigation Mavis’s pregnant friend, Tandy, goes missing and insists that Eve is the only person she trusts to find her.  Upon surveying Tandy’s apartment Eve knows that something is wrong and thinks that somebody has abducted her to get their hands on her unborn child.  But Eve is rocked when she realizes that the two cases are connected.  She now has to find Tandy before the murderer gets their hands on the baby and disposes of the young mother.

Based on the title of this installment I was pretty sure we’d probably be ushering in the birth of Mavis’s baby and after reading the synopsis of the book I was convinced this book would be a home-run and let me tell you….it didn’t disappoint!!

The death of Natalie and Bick was horrible, but it definitely wasn’t the focus of this book as Tandy’s disappearance was much more interesting.  Striking a chord with Roarke with what had happened to his mother at the hands of his father.  And, let’s face it I like the cases that are more personal to this power couple much better than any other things Eve comes across in her work or in the series as a whole.

I really enjoyed Tandy and thought it was pretty sweet how she and Aaron got back together at the end and I really hope that they stay in New York and become part of Eve’s growing circle of friends.  I mean Eve does need to keep tabs on the first baby ever to carry part of her name.  Right?

After Tandy had her little boy, and named him Quentin Dallas, I figured it was a good bet that Mavis would have a girl and put Eve in the name.  And, Bella Eve was born.  Yes, it was a bit predictable, but I loved it just the same.

There was a lot of emotion in this book, fear for Tandy, and love all around.  We got to see some big steps in various relationships.  Tandy and her ex rekindling their love just in time to welcome the new baby into the world.  Mavis and Leonardo finally getting married (I knew it had to happen sooner or later)!  And, Eve and Roarke continuing to become more in tune with each other with every little thing life throws at them.

“I can handle it. But it stinks, if you ask me, really stinks, that you get to go out somewhere drinking beer while I’m stuck at Baby Central. Just because you have a penis.”

“We’ll think fondly of you over beer, me and my penis.”

She ate a little more, then smiled slowly. “You’ve still got to be in the birthing room when she pushes it out.”

“Shut up, Eve.”

“Your penis won’t save you then, Pal.” 

I loved how Nora (aka J.D. Robb) was able to tie Eve’s cases together and complete the circle, so to speak, connecting the selling of babies; explaining where the extra money was coming from for the Bullock Foundation that was being washed….very interesting.

I really enjoyed this book as it was another winner in this compelling series and I’m ready to move on to the next one, Innocent in Death, and hope it keeps the momentum going.