5 star rating
Booneville Retribution
By S. Furlong-Bolliger
ISBN# 9781611875713
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Larry’s a hardworking Vietnam vet who loves his country and is proud of his small town roots. He’s lived the better part of his life in Booneville, where Old Glory flies proudly over town square, and the Fourth of July is the biggest celebration of the year. Then, the closing of Halport Industries—the town’s economic lifeblood—devastates Booneville’s residents. Families are torn apart, small businesses dry up, and once lively neighborhoods become nothing but rows of abandoned houses. However, when the downturn of the economy threatens the town’s Fourth of July festival, Larry becomes determined to change things. Risking everything, he devises a plan to make the people forget about their problems and restore a sense of pride in their community and their country. A short story. (Goodreads)


This story is about something that can and is happening all over the USA. It is very well written and even though it’s super short it packs a lot of story into its 8 pages. There are many hardships to not just Larry but his friends as well. I think what really stood out to me was that Larry didn’t have a supportive wife. She sounded very selfish, unconcerned and just plain not nice.

There is definitely a surprise in this story. It had me thinking it was going one way and then went in a completely different direction. Awesome.

I highly recommended this story!