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Do a quick Google search for “positive science fiction novel” and you might be surprised. It seems that many of today’s SF authors believe we’ll wipe ourselves out with global warming, financial meltdowns, or another catastrophe du jour, before we have a chance to rise above our natures. Unless you reach back to the Golden Age, you aren’t going to read a lot of positive work about the transformative powers of science. Here are a few recent exceptions:

Accelerando – Charles Stross

Could be considered the “Singularity Bible.” This conceptually dense and technologically challenging novel takes us through the inflection point of the singularity, to a near-future solar system that has changed beyond recognition. Lots of fun with molecular assemblers, alien corporations, and Matrioshka brains.

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What novel would you add to this list? Do you like catastrophic science fiction are do you think there should be more positive sci-fi stories out there?