THE WORLD IS DEAD: BRING ON THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Remember how exited you were when you first heard about Seth Grahame-Smith’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES? Remember how disappointed you were upon realizing that, despite Mr. Grahame-Smith’s valiant efforts at adding a little zombie mayhem to Jane Austen’s beloved classic, you still had to push and shove your way through a Victorian era comedy of manners wherein young eighteenth century aristocrat Elizabeth Bennet deals with the romantic advances of the arrogant and snobbish Mr. Darcy while living amongst English high society?

Well, thankfully, Kim Paffenroth’s latest horror anthology, THE WORLD IS DEAD, published by Permuted Press, manages to sidestep such stuffy, erudite, garbage (Do I make my apologies to the countless fans of Miss Austen and her venerated, world renown, written work? Never).

In much the same vein as his previous editorial effort, HISTORY IS DEAD, Paffenroth’s THE WORLD IS DEAD is a collection of short fiction (eighteen tales to be exact), by notable authors, all of which relating to the ever popular subject of zombie apocalypse.

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Dude…Zombies! I am super excited about this. I love horror and I am eager to read more about zombies! I am maybe, just a teensy bit getting tired of Vampire books. I think this sounds like a refreshing change, don’t you?

Will you pick up The World is Dead?

Do you like Horror books?