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Every weekend I find myself spending hours in a bookshop picking out another book for me to get my nose stuck in too, that was when I came across “The Last Vampire”, a series by Christopher Pike.

“Death never comes at the right time, despite what mortals believe. Death always comes like a thief.”

The Last Vampire is set out in three volumes with two books in each. They tell the story of a five thousand year old vampire, Alisa Perne. Alisa believes she is the last blood thirsty monster left, she was one of the first vampires made by the first vampire himself. She is a very cold hearted character but she has a large amount of compassion for people even if she tries not to show it. She can crush a skull with ease and has the speed like nothing else in the world.

The first volume starts with ‘The Last Vampire’ then goes into ‘Black Blood’, both stories follow the story of Alisa, (or Sita, as this is her real name) and when Detective Michael Riley calls her to his office with fact after fact about her, she knows someone wants to find her and she cannot let that happen. She kills the Detective and finds herself enrolling in high school to be friend the detective’s son, Ray Riley and ends up falling in love with him. Meanwhile, Sita’s finds out the truth. Yaksha her creator, the first vampire, has been following her and wants her dead…

Both books have flash backs and stories of her God which were interesting at first but by the end they became boring. I began to force myself to finish the book. I just didn’t get hooked. The book was well written and different, as it wasn’t from a human girl’s perspective. I think even though I didn’t enjoy reading it enough to buy the other two books, I would maybe give them ago in the further.

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