Lauren Kate: Fallen

Brought to you by OBS Staff Mmeber Sophie

Fallen is the first of the trilogy about fallen angels.

Luce Price finds herself in Swords & Crosses, a reform school for disturbed kids in Savannah, Georgia. The place even looks and feels like a jail, nothing at all like Luce’s old posh school and she only gets ONE phone call a week! But I guess that’s what happens when the last boy she got close to puffed up in flames and the black shadows are still always there. Haunting her.

Mysterious and aloof yet ever so familiar, Daniel Grigori catches Luce’s eye the very first day she enters the hell hole of Swords & Crosses and she feels something, something big but if only 1) he notice her and 2) when he did notice her, he didn’t flip his middle finger up at her. Yet Luce can’t seem to stop stalking him, finding more and more information about him. He is always so hot and then ice cold. Unlike Cam who is charming, beautiful and he is definitely into Luce.

Daniel character is different, you hate the way Luce keeps going after him and embarrassing herself yet you want her to keep going, digging deeper and deeper, where with Cam you can see he is a simple character but as the story gets going you know that is not the case. When the truth is out about these two very different but more similar then you would think boys, Luce is faced with death.

This book is an amazing read with a great twist that you are just waiting for. It is full of friendship and love.
This is a MUST-READ this summer. The second book will be out in September.

Pages: 452
Publication date: 2009
Rating: 5 stars.