I was delighted when I realized the content of Keys to the Repository. I especially love the Blue Bloods series because of how the story is weaved in with history from the fall of Lucifer to Gabrielle and Michael choosing to descend with him to help them, those cast out, find their way back to Paradise. The Blue Bloods lived in Egypt, Rome and finally came to the New World.

In Keys to the Repository, we finally get all the background information on each family, on the silver bloods and on those who lived outside the coven. The book is rich with detailed past lives from the fall to their current name and origin. We’re given each character’s birth name, known past lives, bond mate and much more.

It gets even better! Melissa gives us quite a few treats. For instance, a meeting between Jack and Schuyler is told from Jack’s point of view. I had wondered how much, if at all, he loved Schuyler. Wonder no more, we finally get a glimpse into Jack’s head and heart.

Included in Keys to the Repository is an excerpt from Wolf Pact, the first book following Bliss Llewellyn as she searches for the “Hounds of Hell.” Dylan’s mysterious past is explained and Kingsley shares his point of view on a conversation with Mimi. Mimi shows uncharacteristic tenderness toward Kingsley as he shares more about his trials.

We learn even more about the 7 families who protect the gates of Hell. Make sure to read the Appendix where minor characters are revealed and explained.

Melissa saves the best for last, two chapters from the next book entitled Misguided Angel.

A definite must read if you’re a fan of the Blue Bloods series!