Joshua Hawley
Tombstone’s Most Haunted
Tombstone has more to it that meets the eye!I have talked to many authors about books that they wrote. The bad part is, they said that they made most of it up. That didn’t cut it for me. Tombstone’s Most Haunted is filled with true stories, and real events that show the darker side of Tombstone. Based on real history, research and real encounters of the unknown.Tombstone’s Most Haunted is your source for the real ghosts of Tombstone! (Via

Tombstone is filled with history and the stories of violence from its heyday.
And with a town that is filled with death, there are bound to be some ghost stories.
But how do you know whats ‘true’ or whats ‘false’. The local Tombstone ghost hunter Joshua Hawley put together a book rich with reoccurring ghost stories. He starts of the book by giving you some basic knowledge of what a ghost/spirit is and also informing the reader on the different equipment that a ghost hunter uses. Then the fun begins Hawley selected some of the most active and interesting places in Tombstone and gives a brief history of the building and then discusses the paranormal activity that has taken place there. Not all of it is personal experience. He has collected stories straight from the horses mouth. But there are a few hauntings that are talked about that he has dealt with first hand. Throughout the book there are pictures and even a couple of articles taken right out of the Tombstone newspapers. ‘Tombstones Most Haunted’ wraps up with some ghost stories that are taken right from articles written in the 1880’s.

I truly enjoyed ‘Tombstones Most Haunted’! Being someone who is super interested in history and the paranormal world, I would recommend this book to just about anyone. Giving the background of the people and buildings before the ghost stories really helps the reader understand the story. I did find one thing that has me a little torn. While venturing in Tombstone we stopped for lunch at the six guns and as we where eating they had a shoot-out. They told a story of a woman named
Margarita who was shot by a group of men for telling the cops where they where. But in Joshua Hawley’s book he mentions that Margarita was stabbed by another woman for trying to steal her man. Which is the truth, I don’t know. Maybe there where two Margaritas in town?

One haunting that is extremely interesting is ‘Johnnie’. One of the best in the whole book, Josh even has the EVPS available on his website. All I have to say is this book along with the ‘Haunted History Tour’ Hawley runs in Tombstone has really re-sparked my interest in ghosts and next time I’m in Tombstone I may need to check out some more of these stories and take a few pictures, maybe I’ll get lucky and will find a ghost Winking

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