Heather Graham: The Seance

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Christina Hardy, writer of commercial jingles and reluctant communicator with the dead, moving into her grandparents’ old Victorian home, just outside of Orlando, Fla. After some Ouija board experimentation at a housewarming party, Christina starts hearing from the ghost of a dead police officer, Beau Kidd, believed to be the Interstate Killer whose murder spree came to an end when the officer was shot 12 years ago. A new rash of highway killings has thrown doubt on Kidd’s guilt, and the ghost is looking for Christina to clear his name; with the help of ex-cop Jed Braden, they may be able to stop the real killer before he murders again. Graham peoples her novel with genuine, endearing characters and keeps the grisly murders tactfully backgrounded, though more fastidious readers will note some holes in the busy plot. Graham uses the bond between Christina and the intelligent, charming ghost as an intriguing parallel to the evolving Christina-Jed relationship
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I was in no way expecting to like this book. I decided to read it since I had nothing that I actually wanted to read and out of a stack of books; I have in my closet it looked the most appealing.

I have never read a Heather Graham book before, but I am a big fan of murder mysteries. So her book was right up my alley.

When you read Heather Grahams book you can tell she knows what she is doing. I very much enjoyed the story line and everything flowed really well. The book took you on curves and twists trying to figure out who the killer was, but in the very last pages when you actually found out who did it, Graham didn’t add some unbelievable twist to shed light on the killer. Although it did leave me wondering at the end, why the killer did it, you find out that they ‘hate’ a certain type of person, but you never find out what made them do it. Nevertheless the book was an awesome and extremely fast read. Just to make it clear, because normally when I say a book is a fast read, I also add in that it is a ‘fluff’ read. This was not ‘fluff’ in anyway. Oh and how can I forget about the paranormal aspect. Heather Graham had the perfect balance of murder mystery and supernatural. The ghost in the book was a everyday person who got wrongly accused of murdering red haired women. And so it is up to Christina to figure out who did it, while also looking out for her own safety since she happens to be a red haired beauty.

Now that I have been introduced to Heather Graham, I am getting my hands on every one of her paranormal murder mysteries. I already have one that I am starting now.