Heather Graham

The Death Dealer

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A serial killer fixated on Edgar Allan Poe stalks New York City in this captivating paranormal romantic thriller from bestseller Graham (The Last Noel). When philanthropist Genevieve O’Brien hires PI Joe Connolly to investigate the murder of Thorne Bigelow, a member of the New York Poe Society, to which Gen’s mother also belongs, Joe is initially reluctant to take the case. He’s worried about his recently discovered knack for hearing dead people talk, though this psychic gift will come in handy when Joe starts checking out the surviving Ravens, whose numbers are dwindling fast. The romance that develops between Joe and Gen simmers subtly in the background, never overshadowing the pursuit of the culprit. Some helpful ghosts enhance a sinister tale sure to appeal to fans across multiple genre lines.
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Heather Graham has done it again for me. Recently I read ‘The Seance’ and so naturally because I liked it so much I needed to read more of Grahams work. ‘The Death Dealer’ has the same great murder mystery feel with both romance and paranormal things added in. And she does an amazing job with the balance of all 4 things. The characters are spectacular and well thought out. Graham will keep you on your toes trying to figure out who did it and of course it’s never who you suspect! Another great aspect of this book is the that it reveals around Edgar Allen Poe, now I am not too familiar with Poe, but I found it all very interesting, and I bet any Poe fan would love it. You could also tell that Graham did some research in to Poe himself like, where he lived, hung out, ect.

Some thing I have noticed so far, with the two books I have read; Heather Graham seems to like to have the ‘killer’ be a man and a woman working together. Now I don’t know if every book is like this, but so far it has been. I guess I will have to let you guys know if this pattern continues.

One thing is for sure is you guys need to read this book! I am sure you wont be let down, the author knows how to add in the paranormal element with out over powering the whole story line.