Written by Dawn

The newest installment of The Immortals series begins right where the last one left off. Haven has been changed and Ever needs to explain the “rules” – BUT Haven has no interest in being a slave to the rules. Haven wants to live it up and have fun with her new abilities, in the most reckless ways possible. It’s quickly obvious that Haven has very interesting abilities that are pretty advanced.

Haven refuses to believe that Roman is bad news or that he tried to kill her. Thus begins a feud between Ever and Haven fueled by Haven’s irrational belief that Ever is jealous and out to ruin her life.

Dark Flame has Ever in conflict with almost every major character, Jude, Roman, Haven. Believing Jude is in cahoots with Roman, Ever attacks him and realizes her mistake. Jude chooses to stick by and help Ever despite her ridiculous actions.

Roman is up to the same old antics but this time with a twist. Ever managed to bind herself to Roman through dark magick. Ever searches for a way to reverse the spell but only succeeds in making it worse. Roman’s effort to get Ever into bed almost work. I wasn’t a bit sad when the jackass met his untimely end, but with him goes the antidote to Damon and Ever’s problem.

Damon and Ever’s love story has been a challenging journey. Ever keeps the secret, of being bound to Roman, from Damon although he feels the difference in her behavior. Damon’s love is tested through Ever’s mistakes and cagey conduct. As usual, he stands by her no matter what, proving that his love is unconditional.

I enjoyed the character development in Dark Flame. I especially enjoyed Ever’s glimpse into Roman’s past. It explained a lot about how he became such a monster.

It’s a fast paced fun book and series. I intensely relate to Ever and her issues with those who surround her. She makes mistakes, she falls, she gets back up and moves on. It’s a rite of passage to screw up and learn as you go. Ever has such difficulty asking for help, her stubbornness makes it drag on much longer than necessary.

There were two resolutions I especially enjoyed; the twins being reunited with their reincarnated aunt and Ever making up with Ava.

I’m excited to see where Ever and Haven’s feud takes them. Will she insist on avenging Roman? And with her abilities, will Haven be able to harm Damon and Ever?