Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

After Sookie is deeply betrayed by her first lover, Bill Compton, she now has to deal with accompanying the Queen, Sophie-Anne, to Rhodes for a very important Vampire Summit, to use her abilities as a telepathy to be the Queen’s “insider’. Hurricane Katrina has devastated New Orleans and the Queens power base has been weakened and many vampires would like to see the Queen’s demise.

Sookies bond with Eric grows deeper as her relationship with Quinn, the handsome weretiger, advances. All shall be present at the Vampire Summit. If that isn’t enough, The Fellowship of the Sun makes its presence known, once again. Can Sookie juggle so many entanglements?

In All Together Dead, the seventh installment in Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Series, the story picks up as usual, right were we were let off and we are once again thrust into a world of murder, mystery and supernaturals, not to mention the ever shifting relationships Sookie finds herself in.

Eric fans will be happy that he plays a bigger part in this installment and a multitude of other new characters make an appearance making for reading that is tantamount to a thrilling ride. Harris combines fantasy with the reality of Hurricane Katrina that gives the story a realistic edge. You will be transfixed till the end by all the twisting plots this book has in store for you and you won’t be disappointed.