First we have a few book reviews involving fairies, vampires and twins. Vampires aren’t the only thing out there glamouring or dazzling people into books 😉

” ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’ by Audrey Niffenegger ” The author of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ returns with a story of twin sisters who inherit a deceased aunt’s haunting legacy.

Chicagoan Audrey Niffenegger, author of the blockbuster “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (recently made into a movie), spends time each year in London, where she is a guide at the historic Highgate Cemetery. Its roster of famous remains includes those of Karl Marx, and though the author of “The Communist Manifesto” does not cast much of a shadow over Niffenegger’s new novel, “Her Fearful Symmetry,” there is indeed a new specter haunting (that part of) Europe: Elspeth Noblin.

A recently deceased rare book dealer, Elspeth not only has a family crypt in the cemetery but also had lived in an apartment overlooking it, complete with private entrance and special key. Elspeth has left her home and all it entails to her twin nieces from Chicago, Julia and Valentina, daughters of her own identical twin, Edie, but Elspeth’s presence — and a lot more — still lingers there.

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This sounds really interesting. I like all the theme surrounding the twins and how Julia and Valentina are ‘mirror image twins’ intriguing! What do you think of this new book?

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Fairies are becoming a new subject in the supernatural genre these days, and know we have a new book involving all sort of creators with a fairy detective as the main character.

“Fairies With Guns Stalk A Dark San Francisco” “Someday I’ll figure out why everything in Faerie seems to end up in San Francisco,” the narrator muses in Rosemary And Rue, Seanan McGuire‘s debut novel. Whatever the reason, the city throngs with fae… and some of them turn deadly.

Rosemary And Rue is the first book in the October Daye series, about a half-fairy, half-human detective who solves crimes at the intersection between the magic and mundane. At least, that’s what happens in this first book, which involves shape shifters, sea witches, the king of cats, and a gun that shoots iron bullets (which are deadly to fairies.) McGuire’s version of San Francisco, with fairie kingdoms hidden all over the Bay area and pixies hiding in Golden Gate Park, is genuinely enchanting, especially when she’s bringing out the downsides of magic being everywhere. At one point, our hero, October, visits the court of the Faerie Queen, who transforms her T-shirt and jeans into a ballgown — and then doesn’t change them back, forcing October to slog through mud and crime scenes wearing an impractical gown that gets increasingly muddy.

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Are you into fairies with a touch of mystery and classic urban fantasy? Well this is your book. Rosemary and Rue, looks like an interesting novel to read, and I specially like the mystery in it. give it a try and tells us what you think 🙂

“The Vampire Book” Although there are several, more comprehensive vampire compendiums available, few are more entertaining then this light, delightfully illustrated collection geared toward younger readers. Included is a condensed history of vampires following their transformation from their ghoulish origins in old Eastern Europe folklore to the sophisticated creature of today’s blockbuster movies. Additionally, there is a brief look at fabled creatures throughout the world and historical figures that might have inspired Bram Stoker to write the original Dracula. There is an overview following vampires’ evolution on the big screen and the role they may play in the human psyche. One of the most interesting bits refers to the mystery surrounding Mercy Brown during the late 1800’s that led to an entire family being exhumed with shocking results.

Well illustrated in the vibrant style of contemporary graphic novels, this will appeal to vampire fans of all ages. The information is provided in easily read segments suggestive of sound bytes, perfect for short attention spans yet informative enough to be of interest to horror buffs.


We can never get enough of our beloved vamps, and know The Vampire Book helps us with more illustrated information! What do think of this? Is there something about vampires that you still don’t know?

Are you still looking fo the Sookie Stackhouse series? Well look no more.
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“Deal: Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Books 1-8 Box Set” The new Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) 8-copy Boxed Set has been released and is available for the low price of $37.38 (42% off the list price of $63.92).

Do the math and you know you’ve scored with 8 paperback books for about $4.68 each.

This is the Southern Vampire book series by author Charlaine Harris, which spawned the hit HBO series True Blood starring Anna Paquin as the mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse who falls in love with a vampire.

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This is a good deal! What do you think? Will you be buying the set? Don’t forget that Charlaine Harris has her own section in the forum, come and discuss her books!