5 Epic Fantasy Book Series to Read This Summer

by Casey at Geeks Are Sexy
[B]efore anyone starts to quibble over terminology, I’ll note that though “epic fantasy” is sometimes interchangeable with “high fantasy,” my definition here has more to do with scope than genre. These book series are epic in the sense that they’ll take you a while to read, and probably suck you right into the world while you’re doing it. Though rather than being too obvious by singing the praises of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, here are some other book series to eat away at some of your summer free time.

A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin: This is one of the most loved high fantasy series that is still ongoing, and definitely fits into the “epic” category. It’s just what you would think for these kinds of books – kingdoms and politics, swords and dragons. But they have also been considered the forerunners of a “grittier” sort of fantasy – Tolkien with an edge, so to speak. The first book in the series is A Game of Thrones, followed by three others. The upcoming installment does not yet have a release date. Also, keep in mind that now would be a great time to read these books, since HBO is making a much-anticipated television series based on them.

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Vampyre Kisses – The Fate of the Supernatural World is at Stake

via PR Log
In Vampyre Kisses, by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, a beautiful young woman named Faith is no longer content with her life. Deep down in her being, she craves excitement. This gripping tale of vampires, werewolves, and witches brings her yearning to life. You will be enthralled as you meet Trent, a 400-year old green-eyed vampire who falls in love with Faith and endeavors to protect her from harm. And you will be captivated as you meet Faith’s mother, who has a more than surprising secret to hide, and learn about her father, who was mysteriously murdered not that long ago. Soon Faith discovers that she is destined to restore her witch line and find the power that lies within, while she expands her knowledge and her confidence.

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I picked A Game of Thrones because that’s the series (out of those five) that I’m the most familiar with (I love it, actually). I tend to do a lot of re-reading in the summer as well, because I don’t feel like I’m wasting time like I do in other months.

Do you read more in the Summer? What are you looking forward to reading over the next few months?