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Roundtable: Books We Wish We Could Have I get to read an amazing amount of fantastic books. But here’s the thing: I’d like to be luckier. I’d like my beautiful parents to stop offering quite so many “helpful suggestions,” I’d like my wonderful friends to email more often, and I’d like publishers to drop everything and publish the books I want to read simply because I want them. Is that so much to ask? Really?

For example, as soon as I finished reading Rapunzel’s Revenge, by Shannon and Dean Hale and Nathan Hale, I immediately wished for more. I’m lucky. Calamity Jack is coming out in January and I couldn’t be more excited. I like it when publishers anticipate my wishes this way. So, in the hopes that all it’ll take is a little nudge to get more books I’d like to read published, I and my friends here at Good Comics for Kids are posting our holiday wish list: Books That Don’t Exist (as far as we know), But We’d Love to Receive as Gifts.

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Some Memorable First Lines Inspired by Larry’s post and considering that I am a sucker for books that hook me on the first page, I decided to do a post with some of the most memorable book openings that made me want to read that book *now*.

These are lines that stayed with me for a long time and from novels I’ve read quite a few times each. I will present some of those openings in no particular order and then my top five openings.

I AM BLIND. BUT I AM NOT DEAF. Because of the incompleteness of my misfortune, I was obliged yesterday to listen for nearly six hours to a self-styled historian whose account of what the Athenians like to call “the Persian Wars” was nonsense of a sort that were I less old and more privileged, I would have risen in my seat at the Odeon and scandalized all Athens by answering him.

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Are there any books that don’t exist that you would love to add to your wish list? I can think of a certain something penned by Stephenie Meyer that I would love to receive this Christmas!

What about the first lines from books that you’ve read? Are there any in particular that sucked you in and made you want to read more? Have you read any of the books in this article and do you feel the same about them?

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