‘Vampire Academy’is on Hollywood’s radar


Richelle Mead doesn’t think she is much like Rose Hathaway, the tough, sarcastic 17-year-old heroine of “Vampire Academy.”

“I’ve certainly never been in a fight,” says the 33-year-old author of the popular book series, describing herself as a cautious person who hesitates before jumping to conclusions.

But Mead didn’t have any doubts about creating a strong character like Rose.

“There was never any question that was how she was going to be,” she says. “I’m so surprised when people bring that up. ‘Wow, Rose is so strong.’ ‘Wow, a strong female character.”‘

Mead, who’s originally from Kalamazoo and now lives in Seattle, isn’t as famous as Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the “Twilight” series. But in the world of books for teens, her success is apparent.

“Richelle Mead’s ‘Vampire Academy’ is the obvious heir to the ‘Twilight’ throne,” declared the Daily Beast Web site last year.


Book Review: Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll


Chicago has wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden. Denver has Kitty Norville, alpha wolf in a pack of werewolves. And now New York City has jewelry designer Garet James. One of these things is not like the others. A jewelry designer? How does that work?

It’s no secret that I am extremely enthusiastic about the latest surge in urban fantasy fiction being published. Sometimes my world seems far too antiseptic, purged of the everyday magic I wish was everywhere. To solve this problem, I retreat into fictional worlds where real magic exists on the streets of today’s urban jungle.

Lee Carroll is a pseudonym for the duo of Carol Goodman (Arcadia Falls, The Night Villa) and her husband — poet and hedge fund manager Lee Slonimsky. The couple live in New York, and you can tell from the way they handle NYC as the setting for the book that they love where they live. NYC in the pages of Black Swan Rising comes to life in expected and completely unexpected ways.


Donna Rosenblum: Love at First Bite


Vampire books are Donna Rosenblum’s specialty. So much so, that she’s considered SLJ’s expert reviewer on the subject. We caught up with the media specialist at Floral Park Memorial High School in Floral Park, NY, to find out what else–besides “Twilight”–is hot and why kids think vampire books are so banging.

What’s the appeal of vampire books for kids and teens?

I think there are many reasons that this genre is so appealing. Vampires are young, beautiful, super strong, immortal and virtually indestructible. They are living history, having spanned generations and experienced events that humans could never understand. Most teens love the noble and moral vampire, the one with a soul (eg. the Cullens) who have risen above the evil side of vampirism.


George Mann’s THE OSIRIS RITUAL: More Steampunk Lovin’


Shortly after I blogged about George Mann’s THE AFFINITY BRIDGE (A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation), a Tor/Forge publicist contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in a galley of the next book in the series, THE OSIRIS RITUAL. My response? “Where do I sign?!!” Upon receiving the book, I quickly devoured it. I was reading it for the steampunk, but I was also intensely curious about whether the author would continue the thread of romance he’d hinted at in the first book. I wasn’t disappointed on either count.

However, my purpose here isn’t to review THE OSIRIS RITUAL. For that, you can refer to John DeNardo’s review at SF Signal.


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