Local author wins top prize in publishing contest

By Tim Linn at Leavenworth Times

With stories about demons, ghosts and werewolves, Sara Lunsford, 32, a longtime Leavenworth County resident currently living in Easton, said she has always been a bit fascinated with things outside the realm of possibility. Under the pseudonym Saranna DeWylde, she is a published author, having had her stories of the paranormal printed in various publications. In November, she said her second novel will be published through Dorchester Publishing.

The book is a horror-romance story called “How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days,” and DeWylde said the opportunity to publish it came as part of a contest to find “America’s next bestseller” through the Web site, a social networking site for authors, and Dorchester Publishing. Small excerpts from her book were posted one at a time and she earned top honors among the 170 entries from both voters and those in the publishing industry.

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Obsidian Set To Develop Robert Jordan Games

By Zachary Gasiorowskiat My Gamer:
Red Eagle Games and Obsidian Entertainment announced they have entered into a services agreement which provides a comprehensive framework for Obsidian Entertainment to work closely with Red Eagle Games’ in-house development team to create new video games for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 based on Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy series, The Wheel of Time.

“The development team at Obsidian Entertainment has demonstrated time and again  that they can successfully blend storytelling with technology to craft a superior RPG game experience,” said Rick Selvage, Chief Executive Officer of Red Eagle Games.

“Obsidian Entertainment is the ideal development partner to help Red Eagle Games  take Jordan’s beloved characters from the printed page to exciting new forms of interactive media.”

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The Fires of Heaven eBook now available

By Leigh Butler at Tor
So it turns out that Tor is re-releasing the Wheel of Time series as eBooks, avec brand-new and (thus far) smashingly brilliant cover art, and since they’re under this crazy impression that I may have some tiny amount of experience talking about the Wheel of Time, they asked me to introduce one.

And I said, “Bring it”, and lo, it hath been broughten, as I am here today to tell you all about the fifth book in the series, The Fires of Heaven, now available to you in shiny 21st century eBook formation. Sweet!

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Children’s Books: Apocalypse Now

By Karen Springen at Publishers Weekly
Happily ever after? Not so much. Ruth Leopold, 15, of Wilton, Maine, loves dystopian books like The Hunger Games (teens fighting to the death in a televised, government-sponsored game), Gone (kids trying to survive in an adult-free world) and Life As We Knew It (an asteroid hits the moon and wreaks havoc on the Earth’s weather). “I like the fantasy in it—and thinking about how it would be if I were in the future in those places,” she says. She imagines hanging out with Katniss, the 16-year-old heroine of The Hunger Games. “Sometimes I even have dreams that I’m in that world,” she says. But in the end, she is glad she’s not: the gloomy tales make her feel lucky she lives “a good life with my family and everything I need.”

Why now? Newspaper headlines about swine flu, terrorism, global warming, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are inspiring authors—and making kids feel uneasy. Some publishers also point to publicity surrounding December 21, 2012, the end of the 5,126-year Mayan calendar—supposedly an apocalyptic sign.

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What do you think of the Wheel of Time series becoming a game? Do you read dystopian novels?