Decade in books: Writers work magic, delivery has transformed

Human readers made it a big decade for novels about wizards, vampires and a Harvard symbologist. Two series for kids with “crossover” appeal to grown-ups —J.K. Rowling ‘s Harry Potter and Stephenie Meyer ‘s Twilight— swept nine of the top 10 spots on USA TODAY’s best-selling books of the decade. Dan Brown ‘s The Da Vinci Code is No. 2.

Rowling was a best seller before 2000, when third book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire sold a record 3 million copies its first weekend.

By 2007’s release of the finale, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows , speculation about Harry’s death (unfounded) rose to levels not seen since Charles Dickens ‘ 19th-century serials. A record 8.3 million copies sold in a day.

In 2007, Meyer, a Mormon stay-at-home mom, began an unprecedented dominance of the best-seller list with her Twilight series about a chaste teen romance starring a vampire. Last year, she sold 22 million books.

Brown hit it big in 2003 with Da Vinci , a thriller mixing fact and fiction. It made best sellers out of Brown’s three earlier novels. His latest, The Lost Symbol , has sold 4 million copies since September.

Rowling, Meyer and Brown had help from Hollywood, but their books were blockbusters in their own right: “They opened as big or bigger than the most anticipated movies, with pre-orders and opening-night parties, which spilled over to other books,” says Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch , a digital newsletter. Each sold “quantities of hardcovers once unimaginable.”


Quiz: Test your vampire knowledge

So you think you know your hunky vampires, Twilight fans? It was a very hot year for the undead — in novels, of course. And Stephenie Meyer wasn’t the only writer successfully spinning supernatural tales. Test your knowledge by matching the title with the gory detail…

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It has been an amazing decade for books especially supernatural and paranormal. I have read some great material, even if they’re not bestsellers or very popular.

What are your faves from this past decade?

How did you do on the vamp quiz?