Vampire Boom in Literature


Vampire literature can be dated back to the 1700s, and over the years, the popularity of this subgenre of horror has come and gone. The trend was reborn in 2008, and since then, many vampire series have seen a widespread increase in popularity.. These books have captured the attention of readers all over the world. But what is it that is so alluring and captivating about vampires? What is it that causes so many to invest their money on these novels?

Many years ago when vampire literature first became popular, vampires were painted as evil characters and were more suited to the horror genre. Think Bram Stoker’s Dracula and more recently, Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. Over the last few years, though, writers have begun making vampires into teen girl love interests.

If you are an avid reader you will know that most novels have the same underlying plot, especially romances. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and danger ensues to tear them apart. If we were to just consider this, many would not find these romances worth their time. But vampire novels have been successful because they take this same basic structure and add an appealing fantasy element.


Orbit Acquires Three New Dresden Files Novels


Little, Brown Book Group’s Orbit imprint has acquired three new Dresden Files books in this Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling sequence by author Jim Butcher.

Commissioning Editor Bella Pagan bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Ritsuko Okumura at Penguin US.

The Dresden Files books have attracted a loyal army of fans and follow the trials and tribulations of Harry Dresden, P.I., the only wizard in the Chicago phonebook.


Interesting speculation on the popularity of Vampire novels right now. I actually think I agree. For me, when I read/watch Vamp movies – I’m interested in the Vampire as a villian, or as an ambigious character – not as a love interest. Even when I watched Buffy – I never really gave Angel the time of day, unless he was Angelus – or on his own show- and I’m not really into romance as a genre. So, for me, the romantic Vampire stories don’t hold much interest. What do you think? Do you think it’s the Romance that draws readers to books such as Twilight, rather than the Vampire aspect, per se?

Are you lookin forward to the Dresden Files books?

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