Halloween is just around the corner, is everyone ready? Do you have everything to go with your costume? Do you have the candy prepared? Yes. No. Well, even if you’re not going to any Halloween parties on the 31st or before that day, there are some who will get dressed up, too, to take the kids trick or treating or receive them at home. But, you still don’t know what to wear? You don’t want to be the same vampire or witch from last year? Don’t worry, hopefully some of these tips will be of help to create a cool and different costume for this year.

First off, we have to find a good theme or a way to make our costumes more creative. We can take a book as example and transform into one of its characters. This year you can go all zombie and look like the cover monster of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith.

For these we need to gather all of the materials that will make our costume:

  • White vintage dress (here).
  • Zombie makeup tutorial.
  • Hair bun tutorial.
  • Zombie nail art (here).

Once that is ready you can start putting everything together. For the white dress, there are several places online where you can find a good dress at a good price, even vintage ones. For those more crafty, you can look up tutorials for dress patterns and make a white zombie dress from scratch. If not, look in your closet, you might find something in there 😉

There are also plenty of makeup tutorials from where you can guide yourself into transforming to a zombie within minutes, using materials that you can easily find around your house. To compliment it even more, give you nails an even zombier look by doing some nail art right for the occasion.

You need for your hair to have a Lizzie look to finish off the zombie cover and look just like the it. Here are some bun tutorials for all kinds of hair, no matter if it’s long or short. These don’t even take hours to make and are easy enough for you to practice. If you want to change the bun and go for something more curly, just take a look at this easy tutorial.

Are zombies just not your thing? How about a harlequin or porcelain doll. I just recently read “Mrs. Jingles” by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, from where you can also get some good ideas for a Halloween costumes, all you need is:

  • Porcelain doll makeup tutorial.
  • Doll like dress (here).
  • Accessories.

This simple tutorial will show you how to become a porcelain doll in less than what you expect, only using simple eyeliners and eye shadows that you might already have among your things. You can use several accessories to go with your doll costume, like using different color wigs or a different hairdo like the ones used above.

If you have a doll, take it’s dress as example to get one alike. Use some white stockings and black shoes, add a hat, ribbons or bows and you’re ready. I’m sure that by now you might even have some ideas of your own to create your Halloween costume for this year. There are so many books that you can look into for inspiration. Happy Halloween!